Glammy: the animal friendly sofa

sofa Glammy
From now on, your four legged friend will have a special place next to you on the sofa. The model with peninsula can be chosen with the inclusive pet bed, especially made for pets: comfortable, soft and welcoming for the happiness of your four legged friend.
The sofa Glammy is available in fabric or ecoleather (both entirely removable), and comes in various dimensions. Among the options, instead of the sofa with peninsula,  you can order a “pet bed-pouf” in two different sizes.

Big is Beautiful

Beautiful, big and original. These are only a few adjectives that can define Bonaldo’s Big Table: a magnificent table with an important design, characterized by its iclined and solid legs that support the top in a beautiful way. Thanks to a large choice of dimensions – including an extendable version – and finishes (from lacquered to ceramic and from glass to wood with natural edges), this table will easily fit to all your needs. The legs are also available in many colours but if you prefer, you can choose the very particular model that displays every single leg in a different color, creating a wonderful visual effect.
Big Table is able to create a great atmosphere, adding value to your environment, whether classic or modern.

The Sales have arrived!

It is sales time! Take advantage from this special occasion to purchase your furniture: on our online shop, many products are available at a special price!
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Bookcases that furnish

A bookcase shouldn’t just be a bookcase, it should also be a furnishing element that can pleasantly blend into any environment; the TemaHome bookcases manage to do that pretty well: their products have an essential design but also a smart game of proportions that makes them practical and very pleasant to look at. This allows them to make a good impression in the office, in the living area or in any kind of room.

The TemaHome bookcases are available in various modular combinations, this way they can make the best of any kind of place and space (even the smallest).

Suggestions for the sleeping area

For the sleeping area, the online shop Net and Feel recommends three interesting options:

1) Amilu’’s main characteristic are, without a doubt, the two maxi reclining pillows that allow you to modify the look of the headboard as you please.
The measurements of the single bed are 90x195cm, for the small double it’s 120x195cm, for the double it’s 160x195cm and, with a little surcharge, it’s also available in the 200cm size.
The finishes, with a large choice of colours, can be in faux leather or fabric (105, bombay, ferrara o prisma).

2) The double bed Luxor exists in two models, model A and model B, the differences between the two models can be seen in the photo below and more informations can be found on the online shop.
On the B model it is possible to add a bed container (the bed base is supposed to be 160x190cm but, on demand, it can also be arranged with two other measurements: 160x200cm or 180x200cm).
Both models have a structure with wooden finishes (available in many colours) and the headboard can be of leather or faux leather.
In any case, the mattress isn’t included.

Luxor Bed

3) Oliver is a bed very easy to assemble, visually essential but with a solid structure. It’s design wants to mantain simplicity and elegance without losing the comfort.
The double bed (with a base of 160x195cm) is available with or without a container and three different wooden finishes (ash wood, lacquered ash wood or wood chipboard).


Argo Chair

Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris
Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris

Connubia Calligaris’s chair, Argo, rocks an essential design and can be used on the outside as well as the inside thanks to polypropylene, a plastic material that is extremely light but also very resistant.
It is also possible to choose among various opaque colours such as black, white, hazelnut, sky blue, dove-grey and red.

The catalogue offers the chance to choose between two types of seat, one with a black cushion and one without (the one with the cushion is a little bit lighter, 12 kg instead of 16,4); although the models are different, their measurements don’t change.

Argo is very handy, it doesn’t need to be assembled, it’s instantly ready to sit on and can be stacked for a maximum of four chairs.

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Mascotte big tableThey are known for their functionality and for their design, great for any environment and for all spaces, either large and small. We’re talking about the family of tables convertible signed Calligaris: Eleven, Flexy, Magic-J, Mascotte.Extensibles tables
Simples in form, they can reach seven different heights by moving a simple mechanism. They are also equipped with two wheels positioned at the base of the table’s legs that allow to transport it easily in the various rooms of the house, according to the needs.
A multifunctional table that can be transformed in a few steps from a small coffee table to a large dining table with the ability to accommodate up to ten people, depending on the model. Different are also the finishes that make up the tables, such as glass or wood, everything to meet the different demands of customers.
The simplicity of the opening mechanism mixed with an innovative design, these are the keys to the success of the multi-function tables.
All tables convertible Caligaris-Eleven, Flexy, Magic-j-and Mascotte are available in the online shop Net and Feel.Mascotte coffee table


chairs on lineIf you are looking for a comfortable chair for the living room or your dining room (kitchen), with a sophisticated design, then you’ve come to the right place! To satisfy your every need Net and Feel provides in its catalog a wide range of quality chairs, thanks to the close collaboration with Calligaris, one of the most skilled in the world of furniture brands. shop online chairs
Net and Feel gives you the ability to create your own chair being able to finish a match original colors in a simple way and with a few clicks.
Net and Feel provides you an online catalog, continuously updated with interesting offers to make more easy the online search of a chair.

A Frame for your living room

Double side bookcaseThe double-sided bookcase Frame takes its name from the original 18 cm frame that defines its shape and conceals the two sides 6 + 6 cases 12mm thick. A library absolutely versatile and capacious, suitable to act as a divider between the different rooms of the house. In fact, filled with books and objects, but also empty, is an elegant filter inside the room allowing a partial shield but at the same time ensuring maximum functionality.double face bookcase

Available with 8, 12 or 16 cases (plus 12 inserted laterally) Frame is available in the following finishes of melamine: white ash wood, nordic brushed larch, but also with an increase of prize in 20 colors of matt lacquered.

Each case is a square of 40 x 40 cm, 30 cm deep, shelves and frame have a thickness of 18 mm and the height of the furniture in the 3 versions is fixed at 202 cm.bookcase Frame

Excellence in the kitchen

WMF accessoiresFor those who want the ultimate in kitchen there WMF, the German brand synonymous with quality and excellence with regard to accessories and tools for cooking.
A wide range of reliable and durable products that will accompany you in the preparation of dishes and untill the living room, to set the table with style and elegance.
Useful accessories, but also beautiful, with washes that do not lose their brilliance, utensils for each use that will not leave you alone in the kitchen. Here are the cutlery and cookware that thanks to the patent Cromargan protect will always be shining like new. WMF utensils
Then the pots and pans, durables and practical to use thanks to the technology Cool + anti burns.
And yet so many knives insurmountables, Roasters, kettles, shovels, baby set … indulge yourself!
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