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Bookcases that furnish

A bookcase shouldn’t just be a bookcase, it should also be a furnishing element that can pleasantly blend into any environment; the TemaHome bookcases manage to do that pretty well: their products have an essential design but also a smart game of proportions that makes them practical and very pleasant to look at. This allows them to make a good impression in the office, in the living area or in any kind of room.

The TemaHome bookcases are available in various modular combinations, this way they can make the best of any kind of place and space (even the smallest).

A Frame for your living room

Double side bookcaseThe double-sided bookcase Frame takes its name from the original 18 cm frame that defines its shape and conceals the two sides 6 + 6 cases 12mm thick. A library absolutely versatile and capacious, suitable to act as a divider between the different rooms of the house. In fact, filled with books and objects, but also empty, is an elegant filter inside the room allowing a partial shield but at the same time ensuring maximum functionality.double face bookcase

Available with 8, 12 or 16 cases (plus 12 inserted laterally) Frame is available in the following finishes of melamine: white ash wood, nordic brushed larch, but also with an increase of prize in 20 colors of matt lacquered.

Each case is a square of 40 x 40 cm, 30 cm deep, shelves and frame have a thickness of 18 mm and the height of the furniture in the 3 versions is fixed at 202 cm.bookcase Frame

Click and furnish

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The must precious stool

stoneAs a precious stone, like the surface of a faceted diamond, many carats for a piece of furniture truly original signed Marcel Wanders.
It is the stool Kartell Stone, an attractive piece of design that embellishes your decor by giving you a coffee table or a practical and lightweight seat when needed.stone kartell
Stone is a stool made from a single mold in transparent polycarbonate dyed and is available in six stylish shades that recall the precious stones: sapphire blue, ruby red, amber, yellow, smoke gray or clear crystal.
Its particular multifaceted surface is emphasized by the hyperboloid shape, like an hourglass, to create the reflections and lighting effects of precious gems.
Suitable for both interior and exterior, Stone is an accessory that takes up little space, but with a diameter of 30 cm it’s ideal for a last second sitting and gives a touch of glamour to your interior design.

A piece of… Magic!

Compact form, black decided, everything turns to create a balance between design and functionality. Everything appears as it is, where ergonomics and beauty come together, giving life to this unique table: the Magic-J.
Magic, as his name, because it can stay anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, suitable also for lap top as to a sushi dinner.

Therefore lends itself to all uses and does well the eye. What else to say? Don’t give up: take a chance! Everything is furnished as if by magic from its strong lines, who have a superior grace and who allow you feeling comfortable everywhere. Deserves a lot and be evaluated, because not all instantly capture its versatility and its ability to furniture and of high class.


Table Magic J
Design: Edi & Paolo Ciani
Produced by Calligaris spa

Have fun to compose

Everyone desires to personalize his own surronded environment or the objects which he has to use every day; this happens in many ways and in several respects.

the place more personal is without a doubt, the own home, environment that allows us to manifest our being in many ways, from the color of the walls, from decor, from any object present inside. Our home can be a true representation of ourselves.

Each home object can be to customized as your liking; but there are not many people who have the necessary skills, the time or desire to devote himself to this job.

Kartell has developed for this kind of people some furniture proposal very interesting.

The products most significant is without a doubt the Modulars Kartell, designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri.


The Modulars born from a simple concept of modularity that exploiting the basic geometric forms, such as the circle and the square who allow many combinations. The elements of the Modulars are stackable vertically interlocking in order to create their own piece of furniture box. Thanks to a few basic modules everyone is able to compose the furniture of their own desires; having lines very regulars and clean, can be fit into all the rooms of house: from the kitchen to the bedroom, to the living room, to the bathroom or even also in at office. The modular allow to create many different solutions, putting them even each one near other, also, thanks to the range of four colors, can be combined in infinite combinations giving a high possibility of personalization, otherwise difficult to find in others complements.

Elegance and functionality

towerEvery product to be really interesting must have characteristics both aesthetics and excellent functionality. The table Tower by Calligaris is a perfect example of modern design, a real solution of elegance and practicality that enriches the living room or dining room.

Tower impresses to enjoy a strong structure made of chromed metal, that gives sheen to the environment, also it’s embellished by the oblique position of the legs that make it more dynamic a structure so imposing. For lovers of taste a little more classic, Calligaris proposes a version with wooden structure, available also in different colors.

What makes sensational the Tower table is the glass top, that giving lightness and contrasts perfectly with the solidity of the structure.

In addition to the countless aesthetic qualities Tower is very convenient thanks also to the patented automatic system that allows you to release two lateral extensions of 50 cm with two easy steps. The table can accommodate up to twelve peoples.

The table Tower is surely one of the most beautiful tables produced by Calligaris.

Originality to your interior

creamIn the last years the living area and especially the kitchen has changed in appearance: space needs and no spacious homes  have led to a substantial change in these environments.

The trend of the last times is a small kitchen design, taking advantage by combinating the cooking area with the living area.

The stool is the element that represents this trend, an object perfectly suited to modern kitchens, it can made of various types and different materials. The models most sought-after are always combined to a series of chairs that can complement the decor of all living area.

The stool Cream  by Calligaris is a perfect example of the modern stool, a practical object that allows to use very little space inside a kitchen; chair Cream is a real synthesis of design, combining  function and aesthetic perfectly.

Chair Cream is made by a wood frame, available in three different colors, matched in an optimal way to the seat and to the backrest through interlocking system  avoiding that there are visible screws, also comes presented in many pastel colors, suitable for any the living area and allow anyone to have fun by creating their own environment.

The stool Cream also, like many products in recent years, has been realized with the seat and backrest in a special plastic, Restylon®: completely recyclable, it’s really environment friendly.

The decorative style of Parisienne

parisienneAre you looking for a perfect chair for each location,  ables to exalt your table and give a touch of charm to your environment?
Check out the chair Parisienne  by Calligaris. A perfect item both for the livingroom and the kitchen as in a cafè or a trendy restaurant.

The Parisienne is made by a polycarbonate monocoque,  innovative and lightweight material, impact and scratches resistant, very solid and easy to handle.

Stackable up to 4 items, chair Parisienne has always been among the “best seller” of  Calligaris brand, for its  extremely elegant, decorative and joyful line.

The chairs are available in the following colors of transparent polycarbonate: red, gray, amber, white, taupe, neutral, or even black and glossy white.