Argo Chair

Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris
Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris

Connubia Calligaris’s chair, Argo, rocks an essential design and can be used on the outside as well as the inside thanks to polypropylene, a plastic material that is extremely light but also very resistant.
It is also possible to choose among various opaque colours such as black, white, hazelnut, sky blue, dove-grey and red.

The catalogue offers the chance to choose between two types of seat, one with a black cushion and one without (the one with the cushion is a little bit lighter, 12 kg instead of 16,4); although the models are different, their measurements don’t change.

Argo is very handy, it doesn’t need to be assembled, it’s instantly ready to sit on and can be stacked for a maximum of four chairs.

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The must precious stool

stoneAs a precious stone, like the surface of a faceted diamond, many carats for a piece of furniture truly original signed Marcel Wanders.
It is the stool Kartell Stone, an attractive piece of design that embellishes your decor by giving you a coffee table or a practical and lightweight seat when needed.stone kartell
Stone is a stool made from a single mold in transparent polycarbonate dyed and is available in six stylish shades that recall the precious stones: sapphire blue, ruby red, amber, yellow, smoke gray or clear crystal.
Its particular multifaceted surface is emphasized by the hyperboloid shape, like an hourglass, to create the reflections and lighting effects of precious gems.
Suitable for both interior and exterior, Stone is an accessory that takes up little space, but with a diameter of 30 cm it’s ideal for a last second sitting and gives a touch of glamour to your interior design.

Design chairs promotion

holes by StonesLooking for a special offert of designer chairs? Then discover now the incredible promotion of the shop on line Net and Feel: two chairs Net and Holes, discounted by 30%.

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Holes is the most modern and irreverent, made of polypropylene, dyed red, white or gray, is characterized by its fun perforated back, which makes it extremely light, easy to handle, but at the same time durable.

Net instead has a more classic and reassuring design, not to mention the elegance of the lines and the

modernity of the color coating available in white, chocolate, black, gray, red and purple.

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The chair that dresses Missoni

chairs MademoiselleWhen fashion meets interior design …
All the elegance and flair of the house Missoni in the lining of the chair Mademoiselle designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell.
Three original floral and geometric patterns: Verney with multicolored kaleidoscopic flowers in shades of red, pink and yellow always mixed with blacks details and Cartagena, with its flowers graffiti in black and white.
The Mademoiselle chairs have a structure in transparent or black polycarbonate, while the seat is padded with polyurethane foam and upholstered in fabric.Mademoiselle
The stylish collection Missoni Home 100% cotton, designed by Rosita Missoni has been offered to Kartell for dressing up those comfortable chairs, absolutely resistants, ideals for ast home or in the office, but also in boutiquesn, restaurants or hotels.
Enters the world of fashion for a winning combination.

Originality to your interior

creamIn the last years the living area and especially the kitchen has changed in appearance: space needs and no spacious homes  have led to a substantial change in these environments.

The trend of the last times is a small kitchen design, taking advantage by combinating the cooking area with the living area.

The stool is the element that represents this trend, an object perfectly suited to modern kitchens, it can made of various types and different materials. The models most sought-after are always combined to a series of chairs that can complement the decor of all living area.

The stool Cream  by Calligaris is a perfect example of the modern stool, a practical object that allows to use very little space inside a kitchen; chair Cream is a real synthesis of design, combining  function and aesthetic perfectly.

Chair Cream is made by a wood frame, available in three different colors, matched in an optimal way to the seat and to the backrest through interlocking system  avoiding that there are visible screws, also comes presented in many pastel colors, suitable for any the living area and allow anyone to have fun by creating their own environment.

The stool Cream also, like many products in recent years, has been realized with the seat and backrest in a special plastic, Restylon®: completely recyclable, it’s really environment friendly.

The decorative style of Parisienne

parisienneAre you looking for a perfect chair for each location,  ables to exalt your table and give a touch of charm to your environment?
Check out the chair Parisienne  by Calligaris. A perfect item both for the livingroom and the kitchen as in a cafè or a trendy restaurant.

The Parisienne is made by a polycarbonate monocoque,  innovative and lightweight material, impact and scratches resistant, very solid and easy to handle.

Stackable up to 4 items, chair Parisienne has always been among the “best seller” of  Calligaris brand, for its  extremely elegant, decorative and joyful line.

The chairs are available in the following colors of transparent polycarbonate: red, gray, amber, white, taupe, neutral, or even black and glossy white.

The fluidity of the chair “L’Eau”

Among the different models of chairs signed by Calligaris, L’Eau is certainly those which best represents the fluidity and the maximum malleability of the plastic material , by the infinite forms that it may assume after the various production processes.

The chair L’Eau Calligaris is in fact made ​​up of a single shell in technopolymer resting on a structure to four steel legs.


The plastic material of the sitting has been here modeled with the themes corrugators, reminding the water surface, moduled in concentric vawes, for an effect of transparency, lightness and fluidity incomparable.

Stackable up to 4 items, the chair L’Eau fits perfect in the kitchen, in the dining room, but also in a cafè or a modern local.

Comfort and practicality


The chairs Bloom are one of the novelties presented by Calligaris, are a perfect glance to make it more charming to any kitchen or living room.

Bloom sets itself apart by its soft lines and roundeds, the seat with its shape at little well has been designed for confer a very high comfort to the chair. Bloom results also very versatile thanks to the many variants with which can be configured, it’s available in two models, one with a wooden structure and one with metal frame with many colors. In the configuration of the chairs Bloom Calligaris  is possible also to choose from a lot of colors of the sitting that being in polycarbonate is really very durable and easy to clean for those who want to use it in the kitchen.

Kartell ‘Masters’

Winner of the prestigious “Good Design Award 2010”, let’s go to analyze closely the chair Kartell Masters, designed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet.
Born as the perfect synthesis in modern style of three icons of contemporary design: the ‘Series 7’ by Arne Jacobsen, the ‘Tulip’ by Eero Saarinen and finally the ‘Eiffel Chair’ by Charles Eames.

Kartell Masters

If you look carefully you will be able to recognize in the back and arms the three differents silhouettes, which overlapped in this elegant blend of curves, they make Masters an object absolutely current and original.

The unmistakable style of Starck, for a chair that pays homage to the great masters of the past, looking to the future with materials and productions systems innovatives.
Three chairs in one, where the lines come together to create a lightweight and comfortable chair, suitable for outdoor use and easily stackable.

Get jiggy with many chairs of different colors and the effect is insured! Seven tonality colors, easily mixable between them, to have a hint of color around the table that gives a modern spirit and glamor to your environment.