Shine and glamor, pearls of light

Foscarini-CabocheThe sophistication of a transparent material, luminous, that radiates omnidirectional light through like-precious spheres in polymethylmethacrylate transparent or yellow gold.
cabocheThis is Caboche, the lamp by Foscarini, famous and inimitable for its elegant style and sparkling.
Designed in 2005 by the famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola in collaboration with Eliana Gerotto, the lamp Caboche is like a jewel, to give us sophisticated games of lights and refractions.

When fashion meets the light design

perf lampSuccessful Living from Diesel with Foscarini: this is the joint venture between two well-known brands, synonymous of the Italian supremacy in the world of the young and trendy style, from ‘clothing to furnishings for a creative blend with an assured success.
A synergistic collaboration and production that signed the birth of many lighting fixtures, characterized by an original and eye-catching.Diesel_with_Foscarini_Perf_-235x300 Contamination pop-rock, vintage reflections and metropolitan atmospheres for a series of lights that fully reflect the transgressive and irreverent spirit of Diesel.Among these we find the lamp Perf, a casual touch on your table. The light is characterized by a thin lacquered perforated metal shade, such a domestic sculpture, which with its pointed shape can remember the beak of an animal.
Lightweight and easily transportable, thanks to its thin metal structure, Perf is also adjustable to give two different types of lighting: a strong and precise, given directly from the bulb devoid of shielding and the other widespread, obtained thanks to the many holes that filter light, creating fascinating light effects of North African inspiration.
To decrypt this unusual code made of light holes, you can choose between three colors: aluminum, black and brown, strong colors shimmering, an effect that is very rusty underground.pett-225x300
The lamp is dimmable in halogen, fluorescent and energy-saving.
The other news of Foscarini & Diesel is Pett, a table lamp with a scratchy design, available in four different colors: white, black, pink and blue.
With its polycarbonate diffuser and lacquered metal body, the lamp Pett resembles a winged dinosaur, a primordial being menacing inadvertently landed on your desk.
Two cute objects “take away” easily accessible and contemporary, Perf and Pett are two excellent gift ideas, packaged in an original and attractive box.

Design expression in lamps


Before lamps were considered just as illuminating objects, today this thought has changed letting them become pieces of real design expression.
Many designers, supported by big companies as Artemide, Foscarini, Flos and many others, have been able to realize living lighting, real and proper design lamps, as works of art to be compared with paintings and sculptures, able to evoke feelings, sensations, but at the same time maintaining their basic functionality as lamps: lighting bodies.eclisse
In the last few years, the new technology is able to give to the customer always unique pieces, with modern characteristics; the client wants a fashionable element that occupies an important and relevant role in the environment.
The customer has a new sensibility, more refined and observant, and has brought a total new thought towards illuminating objects, transforming them in real and proper designer lamps.