Crystal, the versatile table

crystalTo decorate your living zone with new forms charming and modern, we present you the coffee table Crystal, a practical piece of italian furniture online shopping from the prismatic structure, which will give a colorful and elegant touch to your environment.
The coffee table Crystal is ideal attached to the sofa, as a support for a lamp, the remote control, reviews or whatever.
But at the same time it is also a piece of furniture wildcard in the bedroom, that high 54cm can be used as a bedside table. A minimal design that points to a more modern style, proposed in white ash finish or in multiple shades of matt lacquered.crystal1-300x178
Many colours: more natural shades such as white, ivory, hemp, slate, rope, mud, light brown, graphite, mocha, cream, turtledove, gray quartz, up to more vibrant colors such as yellow, light blue, ocean, blue, olive green, moss green, plum, red … to fight with the minimalist style of a living space monochrome.
A versatile object, from the simple but effective design that alone will solve your environment.

Viennese spirit

Chair WienElegance, lightness and refinement.
The chairs Wien Calligaris arise from the pencil of two italian designers Paolo Lucidini and Luca Pevere, as a modern reinterpretation of the most famous Austro-Hungarian chair “Thonet”.
With its durable structure in aluminum painted or polished (in black, optic white, bordeaux or glossy aluminum) and the seat in polycarbonate, the chair Wien allows multiple combinations of colours and materials.
The technopolymer seat is available in metal glossy optic white, glossy laquered black, bordeaux or glossy aluminium, while the back can be in polycarbonate transparent white, glossy black or bordeaux.

Together Convoy

Convoy tableAn important table for those who love the company of friends, big dinners where all are welcome and where you will always find good wine, cheers and sympathy.
It’s in this ambient and with this cool mood that the convivial table Convoy Calligaris best expresses its essence.

A valuable furniture, star of the dining room, which can accommodate up to 12 diners and maybe even more if you are shaking a little!
A table at the same time practical and space-saving if we are few, because with easy steps can be closed in the basic size of 85 x 130cm.
Available with metal frame and laminated top in different finishes, such as matt white, slate, concrete gray or greywood.

Make a choice of style with the elegance of the whole Italian Calligaris signed. This is the table Convoy, a piece of furniture that not only furnishes, but it makes the house!

The must precious stool

stone2Like a precious stone, as the surface of a faceted diamond, many carats for a truly original piece of design signed by Marcel Wanders.

is the stool Kartell Stone, an attractive accessory that enhances your decor gives a coffee table or a chair practical and lightweight when needed.


The stool Stone is made from a single mold in transparent polycarbonate dyed and is available in six stylish colors that recall the precious stones: transparent blue, transparent smoky grey, amber, transparent yellow, crystal or red.

Its unique multi-faceted surface is emphasized by the hyperboloid shape, like an hourglass, to create reflections and lighting effects of their precious gems.

Suitable for both interior and the exterior, Stone takes up little space, but with a diameter of 30 cm is ideal for a session last minute and give a touch of glamor to your furniture.

You can try chairs Kartell Online sale

Decorate day after day

casaThe furnishings of your apartment should talk about you, tell your story and represent your being. Total and sudden upheavals are foolish or worse, as you have chosen the most fashionable finishes and designer furniture the most famous, however, these head shots risk to impoverish your home, making it a place impersonal and cold.
A good furniture you do it over time.
Let’s start with the essentials: kitchen, bed, dining table, then year after year, we expand the conquest of new spaces. And it could be love at first sight in a shop window, a particular and original object discovered in an antique shop or flea market, an ethnic souvenir bought on a trip, a valuable gift. So over time, piece by piece, you will build your home.
Running time you will mature finding solutions that best meet your needs and your tastes, in a harmonious perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.LaBoheme_rot_1-1024x768-209x300
Over the years, the space will still need to be revised and updated, a mise ‡ jour that never hurts, even give you a new positive charge!
To view the many home furnishing products check the websites: divided by rooms or type (living zone, bedroom, kids, tables, chairs, lighting, accessories …) you will find many branded products and not, for all budgets, in different materials, colors and finishes.
Simply browse on italian furniture, select what might be right for you and with one click purchase is easy and convenient, online.

One more drink!

one-more-kartellHere is the stool One More Kartell, from the famous saga of ghosts in transparent polycarbonate signed by the undisputed star of the international design Philippe Starck.
Yet another design icon is born from the transformation in stools of three famous design chairs: Marie, with the backrest squared, Louis Ghost Kartell and Victoria Ghost, with oval backs.
A piece of furniture with a strong and determined character, suitable for interior spaces but also for the outdoors, since it is fully made of polycarbonate produced in a single mold.
Lightweight and practical, resistant to scratching and atmospheric agents, similar to glass, but almost unbreakable, this stools is ideal for furnishing a bar, but also to give a sophisticated touch of color to your kitchen, serving a raised breakfast, a quick meal or a snack in mid-afternoon.
one_more-kartell-300x225These stools are in fact extremely comfortable, thanks to the presence of high backrests of 35 cm that support the back and allow us to comfortably sit like in a normal chair, but O75 to 65 cm from the ground.
Declined in soft trendy colors, you will find the stools One More in polycarbonate opaque white, transparent crystal, yellow, purple, black, sand or green.
Pastel colors that express, however, a safe and spirited personality.
The curiosity: the name One more, comes from his good use. Comfortably seated on these stools, sipping a drink, it is natural to order another one … One more!

When fashion meets the light design

perf lampSuccessful Living from Diesel with Foscarini: this is the joint venture between two well-known brands, synonymous of the Italian supremacy in the world of the young and trendy style, from ‘clothing to furnishings for a creative blend with an assured success.
A synergistic collaboration and production that signed the birth of many lighting fixtures, characterized by an original and eye-catching.Diesel_with_Foscarini_Perf_-235x300 Contamination pop-rock, vintage reflections and metropolitan atmospheres for a series of lights that fully reflect the transgressive and irreverent spirit of Diesel.Among these we find the lamp Perf, a casual touch on your table. The light is characterized by a thin lacquered perforated metal shade, such a domestic sculpture, which with its pointed shape can remember the beak of an animal.
Lightweight and easily transportable, thanks to its thin metal structure, Perf is also adjustable to give two different types of lighting: a strong and precise, given directly from the bulb devoid of shielding and the other widespread, obtained thanks to the many holes that filter light, creating fascinating light effects of North African inspiration.
To decrypt this unusual code made of light holes, you can choose between three colors: aluminum, black and brown, strong colors shimmering, an effect that is very rusty underground.pett-225x300
The lamp is dimmable in halogen, fluorescent and energy-saving.
The other news of Foscarini & Diesel is Pett, a table lamp with a scratchy design, available in four different colors: white, black, pink and blue.
With its polycarbonate diffuser and lacquered metal body, the lamp Pett resembles a winged dinosaur, a primordial being menacing inadvertently landed on your desk.
Two cute objects “take away” easily accessible and contemporary, Perf and Pett are two excellent gift ideas, packaged in an original and attractive box.