Shine and glamor, pearls of light

Foscarini-CabocheThe sophistication of a transparent material, luminous, that radiates omnidirectional light through like-precious spheres in polymethylmethacrylate transparent or yellow gold.
cabocheThis is Caboche, the lamp by Foscarini, famous and inimitable for its elegant style and sparkling.
Designed in 2005 by the famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola in collaboration with Eliana Gerotto, the lamp Caboche is like a jewel, to give us sophisticated games of lights and refractions.

The must precious stool

stoneAs a precious stone, like the surface of a faceted diamond, many carats for a piece of furniture truly original signed Marcel Wanders.
It is the stool Kartell Stone, an attractive piece of design that embellishes your decor by giving you a coffee table or a practical and lightweight seat when needed.stone kartell
Stone is a stool made from a single mold in transparent polycarbonate dyed and is available in six stylish shades that recall the precious stones: sapphire blue, ruby red, amber, yellow, smoke gray or clear crystal.
Its particular multifaceted surface is emphasized by the hyperboloid shape, like an hourglass, to create the reflections and lighting effects of precious gems.
Suitable for both interior and exterior, Stone is an accessory that takes up little space, but with a diameter of 30 cm it’s ideal for a last second sitting and gives a touch of glamour to your interior design.