Suggestions for the sleeping area

For the sleeping area, the online shop Net and Feel recommends three interesting options:

1) Amilu’’s main characteristic are, without a doubt, the two maxi reclining pillows that allow you to modify the look of the headboard as you please.
The measurements of the single bed are 90x195cm, for the small double it’s 120x195cm, for the double it’s 160x195cm and, with a little surcharge, it’s also available in the 200cm size.
The finishes, with a large choice of colours, can be in faux leather or fabric (105, bombay, ferrara o prisma).

2) The double bed Luxor exists in two models, model A and model B, the differences between the two models can be seen in the photo below and more informations can be found on the online shop.
On the B model it is possible to add a bed container (the bed base is supposed to be 160x190cm but, on demand, it can also be arranged with two other measurements: 160x200cm or 180x200cm).
Both models have a structure with wooden finishes (available in many colours) and the headboard can be of leather or faux leather.
In any case, the mattress isn’t included.

Luxor Bed

3) Oliver is a bed very easy to assemble, visually essential but with a solid structure. It’s design wants to mantain simplicity and elegance without losing the comfort.
The double bed (with a base of 160x195cm) is available with or without a container and three different wooden finishes (ash wood, lacquered ash wood or wood chipboard).


Argo Chair

Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris
Chair Argo, Connubia Calligaris

Connubia Calligaris’s chair, Argo, rocks an essential design and can be used on the outside as well as the inside thanks to polypropylene, a plastic material that is extremely light but also very resistant.
It is also possible to choose among various opaque colours such as black, white, hazelnut, sky blue, dove-grey and red.

The catalogue offers the chance to choose between two types of seat, one with a black cushion and one without (the one with the cushion is a little bit lighter, 12 kg instead of 16,4); although the models are different, their measurements don’t change.

Argo is very handy, it doesn’t need to be assembled, it’s instantly ready to sit on and can be stacked for a maximum of four chairs.

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