Double beds


The choice of a comfortable bed is very important to guaranty both comfort and good taste.
The new tendency in modern furnishing is to give the designer the chance to analyze the space being free to find innovative solutions.
Net and Feel, is the first network of furniture stores that offers a wide range of double beds for sale, very modern pieces but at the same time characterized by different features.
Net and Feel is a real point of reference for those who are looking for a furniture shop, selected for its experience and reliability, in their own city.
Online, with Net and Feel, you can find many products enriched by large text descriptions and pictures due to direct easily the costumer to the nearest franchised store in the city.
Innovative solutions for your bedroom like “Celine” the upholstered bed that combines taste, sophistication and practicality thanks to its sample storage space, or the beautiful bed “Oregon” a real masterpiece with its big cushions in goose down to be used both for relax and as backrest.