Table Baron Calligaris

Table Baron

The dining table is one of the most important purchases for the furnishing of a house.
In a certain sense it is a while the element fulcrum of every home.

Not only meeting point for the whole family at the time of lunch or dinner, but indispensable support for children’s homework, strong support for birthday parties, for chatting with friends and playing cards during a rainy afternoon. In short, a faithful companion that, if chosen well, will stay near for most of the life.

That’s why the time to decide which table to buy is an important moment, especially now that the spaces in homes are becoming more restricted and the sizes smaller. But even in living rooms and living not too large you can invite friends and relatives without having to sacrifice comfort and practicality. Is here that comes to our aid the extension table, a furniture that closed offers us all its potentials without stealing up valuable space at the environment, and open allows us to organize parties, lunches, dinners, in comfort and to the delight of our guests.

Effective example, the timeless table Baron Calligaris. Sleek and contemporary, very versatile, presented by the famous manufacturer in various sizes and materials.

Her measurements start at that base of 110 × 70, where they can safely sit 6 people, to get to the larger 180 × 100 that elongatedreaches 240 cm, by hosting so comfortably up to 10 guests.

In addition to the many dimensions, Calligaris has thought of for Baron also a large variety of materials and colors, both for the plan and for the structure: neutral glass, black glass, laminate, ceramic, metal, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

But its main characteristics, which makes this table recognizable among a thousand, are the legs that remain always perimeter, even when it is stretched, thus allowing a greater stability and the possibility of exploit the whole length.

Last foresight designed by the great Italian company, small wheels contained in the legs that you pull to stretch the table a trick for facilitate the movement and ensure better practicality of the extension system.

In short, a piece of forniture as beautiful to behold as comfortable and pleasant to use.