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chairs on lineIf you are looking for a comfortable chair for the living room or your dining room (kitchen), with a sophisticated design, then you’ve come to the right place! To satisfy your every need Net and Feel provides in its catalog a wide range of quality chairs, thanks to the close collaboration with Calligaris, one of the most skilled in the world of furniture brands. shop online chairs
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Design chairs promotion

holes by StonesLooking for a special offert of designer chairs? Then discover now the incredible promotion of the shop on line Net and Feel: two chairs Net and Holes, discounted by 30%.

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Holes is the most modern and irreverent, made of polypropylene, dyed red, white or gray, is characterized by its fun perforated back, which makes it extremely light, easy to handle, but at the same time durable.

Net instead has a more classic and reassuring design, not to mention the elegance of the lines and the

modernity of the color coating available in white, chocolate, black, gray, red and purple.

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Comfort and practicality


The chairs Bloom are one of the novelties presented by Calligaris, are a perfect glance to make it more charming to any kitchen or living room.

Bloom sets itself apart by its soft lines and roundeds, the seat with its shape at little well has been designed for confer a very high comfort to the chair. Bloom results also very versatile thanks to the many variants with which can be configured, it’s available in two models, one with a wooden structure and one with metal frame with many colors. In the configuration of the chairs Bloom Calligaris  is possible also to choose from a lot of colors of the sitting that being in polycarbonate is really very durable and easy to clean for those who want to use it in the kitchen.

Viennese spirit

Chair WienElegance, lightness and refinement.
The chairs Wien Calligaris arise from the pencil of two italian designers Paolo Lucidini and Luca Pevere, as a modern reinterpretation of the most famous Austro-Hungarian chair “Thonet”.
With its durable structure in aluminum painted or polished (in black, optic white, bordeaux or glossy aluminum) and the seat in polycarbonate, the chair Wien allows multiple combinations of colours and materials.
The technopolymer seat is available in metal glossy optic white, glossy laquered black, bordeaux or glossy aluminium, while the back can be in polycarbonate transparent white, glossy black or bordeaux.

Spring design



Blooms in spring, the streets are filled up with new colours and fantastic fragrances…warmed by the sun, the souls throw themselves in the new season bringing spring colours inside their houses with multicolour chairs or bright and funny pieces of furniture.
No greys, no boring colours, let’s go with total white, no more antique granny’s furniture pieces, let’s follow the new tendency of fashion magazines!
Be inspired by the new season, with its sparkling colours, let them bring joy of life. Looking for chairs for sale.
Get the colourful Calligaris chairs, Basil or New York, suitable for outdoor living, you can even chose between Hero or Area 51; visit Kartell where  you will find Panier, famous piece of furniture made in polycarbonate or the flowering Mademoiselle chairs.
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