Cosmic: masterpiece of style

Table Cosmic

The charm of the furniture is mostly determined by the objects that compose it, with their features, to make the difference.

To furnish a living room that has a certain impact for who live there or for possible guests. It is essential to a good choise for the table or sofa, that are the most common products for this environment.

One of the tables that gives more value to a living room or living area is certainly the table Cosmic Calligaris, a true masterpiece of technique and style. Table Cosmic amazes immediately for its majestic pedestal, as if it were a solid column, realized of chromed metal, gives elegance to the object. To counter the monumentality of the base, the designers have chosen the glass for the table plane, it is this contrast of materials that makes it a product of the highest value and the incredible visual impact.

Cosmic comes presented in two models, one with the plane rectangular and one oval, both models utilize a patented automatic system that by a simple movement allows you to let out two extensions and make the table even more spacious, Cosmic in fact when it’s fully open can accommodate up to ten people.