Dynamic living room


Nowadays modern furnishing has many pieces of furniture that can be chosen,  from the most simple piece to the more expensive and elaborated one.
Many are the companies that produce tables and chairs, and at the same time many are the products available on the market, like dining tables for sale, both situations in which you can find standard features that distinguish them self just by different colours or trim.
A product that certainly stands out and let it self notice for its endearing design is the table Sol Bonaldo, its lines apparently simple catches immediately attention for the inspiring dynamism, thanks to its legs that tend to widen in the upper part creating a smooth and dynamic line.
The design of the table is enhanced also by the table top’s profile that with its small thickness it adapts perfectly to the line created by the legs.
The table Sol is available in four different measures, each one extendible, adaptable to various environments, Sol is equipped with two side extensions, located in a handy compartment underneath the table top.
The table legs are made of aluminium, so to let them lighter, available in various finishes.
The table top also, allows multiple combinations and in can be chosen in crystal or Doluflex.