Mascotte big tableThey are known for their functionality and for their design, great for any environment and for all spaces, either large and small. We’re talking about the family of tables convertible signed Calligaris: Eleven, Flexy, Magic-J, Mascotte.Extensibles tables
Simples in form, they can reach seven different heights by moving a simple mechanism. They are also equipped with two wheels positioned at the base of the table’s legs that allow to transport it easily in the various rooms of the house, according to the needs.
A multifunctional table that can be transformed in a few steps from a small coffee table to a large dining table with the ability to accommodate up to ten people, depending on the model. Different are also the finishes that make up the tables, such as glass or wood, everything to meet the different demands of customers.
The simplicity of the opening mechanism mixed with an innovative design, these are the keys to the success of the multi-function tables.
All tables convertible Caligaris-Eleven, Flexy, Magic-j-and Mascotte are available in the online shop Net and Feel.Mascotte coffee table

A piece of… Magic!

Compact form, black decided, everything turns to create a balance between design and functionality. Everything appears as it is, where ergonomics and beauty come together, giving life to this unique table: the Magic-J.
Magic, as his name, because it can stay anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, suitable also for lap top as to a sushi dinner.

Therefore lends itself to all uses and does well the eye. What else to say? Don’t give up: take a chance! Everything is furnished as if by magic from its strong lines, who have a superior grace and who allow you feeling comfortable everywhere. Deserves a lot and be evaluated, because not all instantly capture its versatility and its ability to furniture and of high class.


Table Magic J
Design: Edi & Paolo Ciani
Produced by Calligaris spa

Elegance and functionality

towerEvery product to be really interesting must have characteristics both aesthetics and excellent functionality. The table Tower by Calligaris is a perfect example of modern design, a real solution of elegance and practicality that enriches the living room or dining room.

Tower impresses to enjoy a strong structure made of chromed metal, that gives sheen to the environment, also it’s embellished by the oblique position of the legs that make it more dynamic a structure so imposing. For lovers of taste a little more classic, Calligaris proposes a version with wooden structure, available also in different colors.

What makes sensational the Tower table is the glass top, that giving lightness and contrasts perfectly with the solidity of the structure.

In addition to the countless aesthetic qualities Tower is very convenient thanks also to the patented automatic system that allows you to release two lateral extensions of 50 cm with two easy steps. The table can accommodate up to twelve peoples.

The table Tower is surely one of the most beautiful tables produced by Calligaris.

Cosmic: masterpiece of style

Table Cosmic

The charm of the furniture is mostly determined by the objects that compose it, with their features, to make the difference.

To furnish a living room that has a certain impact for who live there or for possible guests. It is essential to a good choise for the table or sofa, that are the most common products for this environment.

One of the tables that gives more value to a living room or living area is certainly the table Cosmic Calligaris, a true masterpiece of technique and style. Table Cosmic amazes immediately for its majestic pedestal, as if it were a solid column, realized of chromed metal, gives elegance to the object. To counter the monumentality of the base, the designers have chosen the glass for the table plane, it is this contrast of materials that makes it a product of the highest value and the incredible visual impact.

Cosmic comes presented in two models, one with the plane rectangular and one oval, both models utilize a patented automatic system that by a simple movement allows you to let out two extensions and make the table even more spacious, Cosmic in fact when it’s fully open can accommodate up to ten people.


A large table in two simple steps

Just two simple movements to transform Echo into a large table that can accommodate up to ten people.

The protagonist of the dining room, the table Echo Calligaris has a solid central column which ensures comfort for every diner and confers an optimal stability to the entire structure.

On the basis rectangular of metal, leans the glass plate with the dimensions starting of  100 x 140, extensible with two extensions up to 190 and 240 cm.

In tint with the color of the central structure, you can choose the top on four different finishes of glass silkscreened: satin turtledove, satin extra-white, tempered black and tempered extra-white.table echo