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rug StonesIf you’re looking for a good quality carpet, beautiful and durable, but at the same time at a good price, go to the online shop of Net and Feel and see the many interesting products to complete the decor of your home.

Produced by Stones, these rugs are available in many attractive colors and patterns and you can choose between different materials, according to the needs and environments that will serve: wool, cotton, leather, jute and polyester.tappeti-07-20131014-112116

All handmade and for sale at cheap prices. For example, from 142 € the rug rectangular Skyblue 180 x 230 cm.

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Decorate day after day

casaThe furnishings of your apartment should talk about you, tell your story and represent your being. Total and sudden upheavals are foolish or worse, as you have chosen the most fashionable finishes and designer furniture the most famous, however, these head shots risk to impoverish your home, making it a place impersonal and cold.
A good furniture you do it over time.
Let’s start with the essentials: kitchen, bed, dining table, then year after year, we expand the conquest of new spaces. And it could be love at first sight in a shop window, a particular and original object discovered in an antique shop or flea market, an ethnic souvenir bought on a trip, a valuable gift. So over time, piece by piece, you will build your home.
Running time you will mature finding solutions that best meet your needs and your tastes, in a harmonious perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.LaBoheme_rot_1-1024x768-209x300
Over the years, the space will still need to be revised and updated, a mise ‡ jour that never hurts, even give you a new positive charge!
To view the many home furnishing products check the websites: divided by rooms or type (living zone, bedroom, kids, tables, chairs, lighting, accessories …) you will find many branded products and not, for all budgets, in different materials, colors and finishes.
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“Single object or complex of objects meant to provide habitability and comfort in a room, house or public area”. This is the simple meaning of the word that we find in the dictionary, you don’t need to be an architect or a designer to understand the importance of its meaning.
Just a light or a wrong piece of furniture can ruin the aspect of an environment, on the opposite just a few devices are enough to let a place become an ultra-chic composition.
Most of all people nowadays have the knowledge of the new trend of furniture design thanks to the media, TV programmes, and design magazines, today each one of us knows exactly which is the right piece to choose, what the market offers and the latest fashion devices, being able so to furnish easily our own houses with good sense of taste.
No one knows yet that there’s a new way of furnishing, not hanging around from a shop to another going crazy, trying to catch the latest offer for the better price ever, but using the Italian furniture online shopping!
This is the modern way of shopping, that makes you save money and time, buying directly from your computer, in the comfort of your own house.
If you are tired hanging around, loosing time in the traffic without maybe not even finding  what you are looking for or the right piece of furniture, take advantage of this new way of shopping in the magic world of internet.
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