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rug StonesIf you’re looking for a good quality carpet, beautiful and durable, but at the same time at a good price, go to the online shop of Net and Feel and see the many interesting products to complete the decor of your home.

Produced by Stones, these rugs are available in many attractive colors and patterns and you can choose between different materials, according to the needs and environments that will serve: wool, cotton, leather, jute and polyester.tappeti-07-20131014-112116

All handmade and for sale at cheap prices. For example, from 142 € the rug rectangular Skyblue 180 x 230 cm.

Ideal for the living room, the bedroom or the office, check it out on the shop Net and Feel!

Design chairs promotion

holes by StonesLooking for a special offert of designer chairs? Then discover now the incredible promotion of the shop on line Net and Feel: two chairs Net and Holes, discounted by 30%.

A very good deal with the brand Stones that propose you those chairs at the exceptional price of 55€!chair Net

Holes is the most modern and irreverent, made of polypropylene, dyed red, white or gray, is characterized by its fun perforated back, which makes it extremely light, easy to handle, but at the same time durable.

Net instead has a more classic and reassuring design, not to mention the elegance of the lines and the

modernity of the color coating available in white, chocolate, black, gray, red and purple.

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