Big is Beautiful

Beautiful, big and original. These are only a few adjectives that can define Bonaldo’s Big Table: a magnificent table with an important design, characterized by its iclined and solid legs that support the top in a beautiful way. Thanks to a large choice of dimensions – including an extendable version – and finishes (from lacquered to ceramic and from glass to wood with natural edges), this table will easily fit to all your needs. The legs are also available in many colours but if you prefer, you can choose the very particular model that displays every single leg in a different color, creating a wonderful visual effect.
Big Table is able to create a great atmosphere, adding value to your environment, whether classic or modern.

A piece of… Magic!

Compact form, black decided, everything turns to create a balance between design and functionality. Everything appears as it is, where ergonomics and beauty come together, giving life to this unique table: the Magic-J.
Magic, as his name, because it can stay anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, suitable also for lap top as to a sushi dinner.

Therefore lends itself to all uses and does well the eye. What else to say? Don’t give up: take a chance! Everything is furnished as if by magic from its strong lines, who have a superior grace and who allow you feeling comfortable everywhere. Deserves a lot and be evaluated, because not all instantly capture its versatility and its ability to furniture and of high class.


Table Magic J
Design: Edi & Paolo Ciani
Produced by Calligaris spa

Absolute flexibility


In the modern furnishing market there are many types of tables, in most of the cases a table is designed, at the functional level and aesthetic to be inserted in one or maximum two environments, a table created specifically for a living room will be placed poorly in a kitchen, as a kitchen table can not be used in an office. The table Flexy Calligaris has all the characteristics to be used in almost all rooms of the home or even in an office. Flexy is characterized by a simple design but at the same time well-groomed, what which distinguishes him mainly is the shape of the legs that crossing give a pleasant sense of lightness and stability.

The main characteristic of the table Flexy is the possibility to be regulated with seven different heights, from a minimum of 44 cm to a maximum height of 76 cm, in this way is a very versatile product able be inserted in different environments according to the needs.

Calligaris designers have created a very practical system to change the height of the table, in fact by pressing the button, located on the metal underframe, legs change inclination allowing the table top to get up. Another aspect that makes Flexy a product suitable for any environment is the ability to stretch the table top, with an opening like a book, from 70 cm to 140 cm, from fully open can accommodate up to six people.

The only limitation which has this table is that can not be used in outdoor environments, because the table top is realized in oak veneer and the legs in metal, materials not designed to withstand the rain or a prolonged exposure to sunlight.

All tables Omnia

Discover the charm of extendable tables Omnia Omnia Wood and Glass by Calligaris.
Two tables with the same style and modern lines, by purely italian design, but different in material: the table Omnia Wood Calligaris is proposed entirely in wenge wood, walnut, graphite or white lacquer, while the table Omnia Glass Calligaris is a material mix, with the glass top in black serigraphed, turtledove or extra white, placed on a wooden structure walnut, wenge or glossy lacquer in colors turtledove or white. The tables Omnia are characterized for the detail of plan raised by 1 cm compared to the legs elegantly contoured, which gives us a particular effect of shadows. Available in differents sizes, square or rectangular, fixed or extensible. All tables Omnia are easy to open thanks to a practical mechanism patented Calligaris, that always ensures for its products the top of quality, practicality and durability.


Table Baron Calligaris

Table Baron

The dining table is one of the most important purchases for the furnishing of a house.
In a certain sense it is a while the element fulcrum of every home.

Not only meeting point for the whole family at the time of lunch or dinner, but indispensable support for children’s homework, strong support for birthday parties, for chatting with friends and playing cards during a rainy afternoon. In short, a faithful companion that, if chosen well, will stay near for most of the life.

That’s why the time to decide which table to buy is an important moment, especially now that the spaces in homes are becoming more restricted and the sizes smaller. But even in living rooms and living not too large you can invite friends and relatives without having to sacrifice comfort and practicality. Is here that comes to our aid the extension table, a furniture that closed offers us all its potentials without stealing up valuable space at the environment, and open allows us to organize parties, lunches, dinners, in comfort and to the delight of our guests.

Effective example, the timeless table Baron Calligaris. Sleek and contemporary, very versatile, presented by the famous manufacturer in various sizes and materials.

Her measurements start at that base of 110 × 70, where they can safely sit 6 people, to get to the larger 180 × 100 that elongatedreaches 240 cm, by hosting so comfortably up to 10 guests.

In addition to the many dimensions, Calligaris has thought of for Baron also a large variety of materials and colors, both for the plan and for the structure: neutral glass, black glass, laminate, ceramic, metal, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

But its main characteristics, which makes this table recognizable among a thousand, are the legs that remain always perimeter, even when it is stretched, thus allowing a greater stability and the possibility of exploit the whole length.

Last foresight designed by the great Italian company, small wheels contained in the legs that you pull to stretch the table a trick for facilitate the movement and ensure better practicality of the extension system.

In short, a piece of forniture as beautiful to behold as comfortable and pleasant to use.

Dynamic living room


Nowadays modern furnishing has many pieces of furniture that can be chosen,  from the most simple piece to the more expensive and elaborated one.
Many are the companies that produce tables and chairs, and at the same time many are the products available on the market, like dining tables for sale, both situations in which you can find standard features that distinguish them self just by different colours or trim.
A product that certainly stands out and let it self notice for its endearing design is the table Sol Bonaldo, its lines apparently simple catches immediately attention for the inspiring dynamism, thanks to its legs that tend to widen in the upper part creating a smooth and dynamic line.
The design of the table is enhanced also by the table top’s profile that with its small thickness it adapts perfectly to the line created by the legs.
The table Sol is available in four different measures, each one extendible, adaptable to various environments, Sol is equipped with two side extensions, located in a handy compartment underneath the table top.
The table legs are made of aluminium, so to let them lighter, available in various finishes.
The table top also, allows multiple combinations and in can be chosen in crystal or Doluflex.