Together Convoy

Convoy tableAn important table for those who love the company of friends, big dinners where all are welcome and where you will always find good wine, cheers and sympathy.
It’s in this ambient and with this cool mood that the convivial table Convoy Calligaris best expresses its essence.

A valuable furniture, star of the dining room, which can accommodate up to 12 diners and maybe even more if you are shaking a little!
A table at the same time practical and space-saving if we are few, because with easy steps can be closed in the basic size of 85 x 130cm.
Available with metal frame and laminated top in different finishes, such as matt white, slate, concrete gray or greywood.

Make a choice of style with the elegance of the whole Italian Calligaris signed. This is the table Convoy, a piece of furniture that not only furnishes, but it makes the house!